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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you repair scratched glass?

A: GlassTech can repair glass that has been scratched and abraded. Our specialized process can remove fairly deep scratches of nearly any length without distortion.

Scratches very close to the edge or frame pose a challenge and in some cases can't be removed. These are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Glass with very deep scratches can be repaired. however there is a possibility of distortion which must be considered. While our process is distortion-free, with severely scratched glass there is the possibility that distortion may occur.

Q: How much do your scratch repair services cost?

A: Typically the scratch removal process costs 1/3 the cost of replacement, however each job is unique in that the repair is dependent upon the type of glass, depth of the scratch, quantity of scratches and location of the scratch in the glass.

Since there are so many variables it's not possible to give an exact price, however we're able to provide you with a fairly accurate estimate of the time required to repair the damage upon inspection.

Q: Do you fix chips, cracks or pitting?

A: GlassTech does not fix chips, cracks, stone damage or any pitting (sand blasting effect). This type of damage usually means glass needs to be replaced. Our specialty is polishing and restoration. Once glass is chipped or cracked our process can't fix it. In many cases windows and doors may have become pitted due to sand or other abrasives being blown against glass during storms (usually hurricanes). This type of sand blast effect can't be removed or polished out.

Q: Do you charge for an estimate?

A: If you're within 10 miles of our office in Jupiter, there's no charge to inspect the damage and provide a quotation. If you're further than 10 miles there's a $49 service call fee. This amount is credited towards the overall job cost if GlassTech performs the work.

A unique feature of our website allows you to send us photos of the problem(s) you have. By visiting our Quote Request page you can complete a request form and upload images. We'll review them and provide you with an estimate of the cost to repair the damage. There is no charge for this service.

Q: Our home is on the water. We have a difficult time keeping our windows clean due to salt spray. Can you help us?

A: Yes. GlassTech specializes in the application of nanotechnology based water repellent (hydrophobic) coatings. Once applied to properly prepared surfaces, our Nanotect coatings prevent the adherence of salt, dirt, minerals and other contaminants to the glass making them very easy to clean. Treated surfaces become virtually self-cleaning and require fewer cleanings and reduced maintenance time.

Q: What is Nanotechnology?

A: What is Nanotechnology? Nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale. One nanometer (nm) is one billionth, or 10−9 of a meter. A human hair is between 50,000 & 100,000 nanometers across.

Q: What is Nanotect?

A: Nanotect is a series of ultra-thin, UV stable nanotechnology based coatings that utilize SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) nano particles in a sol-gel solution. When applied to properly prepared and cleaned surfaces, the particles self-align and create a cross linked three dimensional nano-mesh. This breathable mesh prevents the adherence of dirt, grime, salt and minerals to the treated surfaces making them easy to remove.

Nanotect coatings are true nanotechnology coatings and do not contain acrylics, waxes, silicones, solvents, Teflon or siloxanes. Nanotect products are environmentally friendly as they eliminate the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, reduce cleaning time and frequency, and most importantly lower water consumption helping to promote a Green lifestyle.

Q: I've heard of "self-cleaning" windows offered by several window manufacturers. What's the difference between your service and their product?

A: Self-cleaning windows are windows that are treated with titania (titanium dioxide) through a variety of processes including vapor deposition. These coatings chemically break down dirt when exposed to light, a process known as photo catalysis. The coating is hydrophilic which makes the water sheet off glass (no beading).

It's effective on carbon based contaminants but not very effective on salt spray. It also requires UV light (sunlight) to work and water to remove the debris. The quoted life expectancy is the "life of the glass" as long as it's not abraded. If the coating is compromised, reapplication can be a problem as there is no network of applicators.

Nanotect coatings are extremely hydrophobic (water repellent). Once applied, these UV stable coatings prevent the adherence of salt, dirt and contaminants to the treated surfaces. When water comes in contact with the treated surface it beads up and runs off, taking contaminants with it. Nanotect coatings are resistant to hard water and are abrasion resistant. Nanotechnology based coatings have been known to last up to 25 years. GlassTech warranties Nanotect coatings for up to five (5) years depending on the surface being treated. Reapplication is not a problem and is easy to perform.

Q: My sprinklers have spotted and discolored my windows. I can't get them clean and I've tried everything on the shelf. Do I need to replace them?

A: No. 99% of the time GlassTech can remove hard water spots and stains and restore the like-new appearance to your exterior glass. In cases where Stage I or Stage II corrosion is visible, GlassTech can remove this type of damage as well. Once restored, we suggest you modify the irrigation system to avoid reoccurrence.

Q: I have an outdoor kitchen and quite a bit of stainless steel fixtures, handles and appliances that are all starting to rust. I thought stainless steel didn't rust. How can I keep these surfaces corrosion free?

A: Stainless steel does not readily corrode, rust or stain with water as ordinary steel does, but despite the name it is not fully stain-proof, most notably under low-oxygen, high-salinity, or poor-circulation environments. Stainless steel appliances, fixtures and surfaces can and will rust in the salty oceanfront or waterfront environment.

Many manufacturers opt for 304 stainless and in many cases low grade versions of 304 to make their products. Even "premium grade" products costing thousands more aren't made using the highest quality grades of stainless steel and corrosion is still a concern. The end result is constant maintenance in the form or polishing, rust removal and cleaning.

GlassTech offers both nanotechnology coatings and air-curing ceramic coatings to prevent the onset of corrosion on all non-ferrous metals. These coatings are very durable, chemical resistant and are able to protect surfaces from corrosion and oxidation. Surfaces are hydrophobic and very easy to clean.

Q: Do I have to polish these surfaces?

A: No. That's the beauty and one of the benefits of having GlassTech coat your non-ferrous metal surfaces. No more polishing! Cleaning and maintenance is quick and simple and is as easy as wiping the surface with water and a micro fiber towel. Exterior non-ferrous metal surfaces will remain corrosion-free and will maintain their like-new brilliance without messy, time consuming polishing.

Q: What other surfaces can you protect?

A: GlassTech can apply nanotechnology and air-curing ceramic coatings to a variety of surfaces inside and outside your home including fabrics, leather, stone and tile. We're not limited to your home as our coatings are available for vehicles, yachts, and motor coaches. Contact GlassTech for more information.


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