5 Reasons Why Restoring May be Better Than Replacing Glass Windows and Doors

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Glass windows and doors are one of the most treasured components of a home, especially those with an amazing view. No matter how hard you try to ignore the problem of scratched glass, it’s always there impeding your visibility and affecting the appearance of your home.

If you're like most people, you were told at one point that scratched or stained glass couldn’t be repaired. Too often, windows and glass doors acquire scratches, mineral deposits, spots or environmental damage causing immense irritation. The old school of thought was once your windows and doors are scratched the only choices were live with the damage or replace them. If Windex, polish and some “elbow grease” couldn’t solve the problem, then it’s time to replace your windows.

On the contrary, there’s a cost effective alternative… Glass resurfacing or scratch removal is now a viable and cost effective possibility. Here are 5 reasons why restoration might be your best option.

Keeping More Money in Your Pocket

Considerable savings can be realized by removing scratches, hard water stains and spotting. On average, you will spend about one third of the cost to restore versus replacement. In many cases, what you would spend to replace a few windows or doors would be the price range of a complete restoration. Nothing is more frustrating and costly than replacing windows installed just a short time ago. Click here for average window replacement cost.

No Time to Waste

Window replacement is not only costly, it’s time consuming, very inconvenient and disruptive to daily life. Once your windows and doors are ordered, it can be up to 3 months before they’re made, received and ready for installation. Such a long time to wait when you could obtain similar results in just a few days or weeks by having scratched glass repaired and restored.

Disruption to Daily Life

When the windows and doors are finally ready for installation, you’ll need to have someone present for several days or weeks (depending on the amount of glass). Another necessary task is clearing the area of furniture and anything else impeding the installation team. Not excluding the potential of damage to the premises during the removal and installation process. Glass restoration takes less time and poses a lower risk of damage or unexpected surprises.

They Will Look as Good as New

The biggest concern is how good will the scratched windows and doors look after removing the scratches and restoring of the glass. Using the Distortion-Free Scratch removal process, you can achieve impeccable results of clarity. You will never know the windows or glass doors were ever damaged. Evidence of the results can be found on our before & after page.

Glass Restoration is Green

What happens to your old windows? If they can’t be donated or reused, they’re headed to a landfill. Glass restoration is an environmentally friendly “Green” process that reduces the carbon footprint and saves energy. The glass restoration process helps to preserve our planet by not contributing to landfills or consuming additional energy and creating pollution.

In conclusion, glass restoration or scratch removal offers a significant cost savings, requires less of your time, minimizes the inconvenience and intrusion in your home and most importantly promotes a Green lifestyle by minimizing environmental impact.

GlassTech are experts at glass restoration and distortion-free scratch removal. When you’re ready to start enjoying your gorgeous view again without distractions, feel free to contact us or request a quote.


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