5 Reasons Why Restoring May be Better Than Replacing Glass Windows and Doors

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Natural beauty is one of the eternal draws of Florida; people from around the country travel here to drink in the sun, sand, and sights of this gorgeous state. While this blog entry involves the natural wonder which often lies just beyond the window, it is the window itself that we are going to focus on during this installment. If you read this blog, you may be a bit of a nerd (it is about repairing glass, c’mon) or you are here because you have a glass problem and you hope this information will give you another option beyond replacement. What luck you have!

The wonderous material known as glass (ok, clearly a nerd is writing this) is durable yet malleable, solid but also has a delicate side - giving it a special place in the world as a structural material. You can cut it with specialized tools, you can bend it under specific conditions, and you can make it harder or softer depending upon its composition and treatment during manufacture. Yet, for its myriad of use cases, the delicate side of glass means it is susceptible to a range of damage that turn this unique and exquisite material into a bit of an eyesore.

Until GlassTech, the only way homeowners, property managers, yacht owners and vehicle enthusiasts could reliably tend to scratches, mineral deposits (hard water stains), graffiti and tagging, etching and efflorescence (building runoff) was to fully replace the glass. But glass replacement is time consuming, expensive and can damage the surrounding structure. No thanks.

So, the two unsavory options have always been to live with the defects and damage or pay handsomely for a new piece of glass. Well, there is a third option now, thanks to GlassTech, called glass repair. This is not like the fine folks with the vans full of aftermarket windshields and resins, no, this is a manufacturer-grade restoration of the most common types of damage typical to buildings, homes and all manner of vehicles.

Keeping More Money in Your Pocket

Let us get the most interesting point covered right up front, what does this cost? Well, the cost in dollars is about 1/3 of the cost to replace a typical glass window or door! Shower doors/enclosures can get very expensive making them an ideal candidate for repair rather than replacement. Yachts and other water vessels are notoriously expensive to replace anything on, certainly glass is included here. Cars, especially custom or antique cars, are pricey to replace as well...assuming you can even get the replacement part. What about high-rise buildings? The cost to crane a piece of glass is enormous. The idea behind repairing is to eliminate all these concerns and more. Keep reading for other great reasons to consider restoring over replacing. Click here for average window replacement cost.

No Time to Waste

Window replacement is not only costly, but it comes with a painfully slow turnaround. Once your windows and doors are ordered, it can be up to 3 months before they are made, received and ready for installation. Such a long time to wait when you could obtain virtually identical results in just a few days.

Disruption to Daily Life

When the windows and doors are finally ready for installation, you will need to have someone present for the duration of installation and it will be necessary to clear the work area of furniture and anything else impeding the installation team. Remember, this process requires the removal of the old window with tools and force, exposure to the outdoor elements (reschedule for bad weather on installation day) and to the possibility of damage to the surrounding structure (walls, carpeting/tile, paint/wallpaper, window sills and any other structure in the work area). Finally, the removed window must be hauled away, presenting one last opportunity to damage walls, walkways, doors and furniture on the way out. Glass repair takes less time and poses a far lower risk (virtually zero) of damage or unexpected surprises.

Looking Good as New

So how good can a repair be compared to new glass? This is the pivotal question! You would be forgiven to be skeptical that a repair can restore anything to "like-new" quality, especially the repair of glass. Yet there exists a realm where this is an everyday occurrence for the trusted experts in the glass restoration field. Using a distortion-free scratch removal process, GlassTech achieves a result so unbelievable, you will think we replaced it when you were not looking! Care to see samples of work for yourself? Click over to our before & after page.

Glass Restoration is a 'Green Solution'

The concept behind green solutions is the reduction of waste, the consideration of the type and quantity of materials used and their ability to be recycled. Old windows become new again rather than becoming trash in a landfill. New windows are saved for new construction and your windows continue to serve their purpose for many more years to come. The glass restoration process helps to preserve our planet by not contributing to landfills or consuming additional energy during the manufacture and transportation phases of replacement.

So now you know that outright replacement of your troubled glass is not the only option at your disposal. It is worth mentioning that not all projects will be right for restoration due to a few conditions such as special sputter coats applied at the factory or because of the type of damage (broken, chipped or pitted glass cannot be repaired). Still, GlassTech is happy to review your project to determine if repair is an option and how much the repair will cost. Visit our contact us page to get started.


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