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Stay up to date with GlassTech! Our blog features compelling topics important to people and industries interested in restoration. GlassTech offers useful knowledge on a variety of subjects pertaining to glass and metal restoration. Outlining hazards to avoid, cost savings strategies and much more. We also include news coverage discussing large projects and introduction of new products. Periodically check back for newly added topics and blog posts.

Destruction Caused by Hazardous Environmental Conditions

Living in Florida has tremendous upside, warm weather and sandy beach emulating paradise. Unfortunately, there’s also many environmental obstacles in...

5 Reasons Why Restoring May be Better Than Replacing Glass Windows and Doors

Glass windows and doors are one of the most treasured components of a home, especially those with an amazing view. No matter how hard you try to ignore the...

ABC WPBF 25 News Coverage

Featured on the news segment "What's Brewing with Stephanie" on WPBF. Discussing our proprietary methods of glass and metal restoration. Spotlight focus on...

CBS 12 WPEC News Coverage

Introducing our proprietary methods of restoring glass and metal. CBS 12 (WPEC) news aired a story covering our project with Kennedy Space Center Visitor's...

GlassTech offers Nanotect Hydrophobic Surface Protection

Reduce maintenance and cleaning to your glass, non-ferrous metal, auto, marine, RV, and stone surfaces! Nanotect coatings are nanotechnology based hydroph...


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