MicroGuard Stainless Steel and Metal Protective Coatings

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MicroGuard Stainless Steel and Metal Protective Coatings

Outdoor kitchens, window frames, hardware, handles, fixtures and ornamental pieces are all beautiful when new. The challenge lies in maintaining that "like-new" appearance. Preventing corrosion can become an overwhelming task especially in South Florida’s humid, damp and salty environment.

GlassTech can protect all exterior non-ferrous metals, preserving their original luster and brilliance while eliminating the never-ending cycle of corrosion prevention, cleaning and polishing.

Nanotect air curing ceramic coatings are extremely durable, enhance gloss and can withstand the harsh environment and temperatures up to 700° F. With over 6000 hours of ASTM salt spray testing, Nanotect coatings provide unparalleled protection against corrosion and oxidation.

The extremely hydrophobic surfaces resist stains and prevent the adherence of dirt and debris. GlassTech lets you enjoy the beauty of these finishes without the high maintenance.

Inside your home, Nanotect keeps stainless steel appliances bright and shiny and reduces maintenance to simply wiping surfaces with water or a very mild cleaner and a micro fiber towel. No more streaks or fingerprints on stainless steel finishes, and best of all, say goodbye to polishing.


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