Hard Water Stains and Spot Removal

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Hard Water Stains and Spot Removal

Hard water is a common problem in South Florida. It doesn’t take long for your windows and doors to show signs of spotting and damage. Even after the water has dried, the minerals found in hard water remain active. If not promptly removed, hard water spots can permanently etch glass leaving windows and doors unsightly, dull, dingy and difficult to clean. Click here for more information about how environmental conditions can harm glass.

GlassTech can remove hard water stains and spotting even after years of exposure. Our removal process utilizes specially formulated glass clarifying agents in conjunction with our polishing process. GlassTech has been successful in removing etching and the damage it can cause.

To prevent the reoccurrence of hard water damage, remove residual water from shower glass after each use and adjust sprinklers to prevent them from spraying on exterior glass. Visit our before and after gallery to see unbelievable results!

Applying Nanotect Glass Protective Coating will help minimize maintenance cost and cleaning time.


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