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Hard Water Stain Removal

Are your exterior windows and glass shower doors getting difficult to see through? You've tried everything from pressure washing to elbow grease using harsh chemicals only to achieve a marginal improvement...so what will it take?

Most water contains dissolved minerals; these minerals adhere to the surface of glass and eventually "eat" their way into the pores leaving a haze and spotting that is unsightly and a bit gross. This haze is usually rough to the touch, harbors fungus and bacteria, is common around lawn irrigation and in showers and affects homes with municipal sources as well as ground sources (albeit at different rates).

Hard water stained or spotted glass is beyond normal cleaning methods. Removing hardened minerals from glass requires a combination of specialized preparation agents and a contact process. Using our process, GlassTech is able to remove even the most baked on, unbelieveably stubborn staining to full clarity. Truly amazing.

Visit our before and after gallery to see our routinely spectacular results. No disclaimers here...everyone gets these results! Want to extend the time between cleanings and help prevent mineral buildup (including salt spray common to oceanfront properties)? Consider our Nanotect Glass Protective Coating.


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